Luogo - Monument

Fontana di Piazza del Mercato

Where Piazza del Mercato, Spoleto (Perugia)

On the square there was already an imposing fountain in the thirteenth century. To this it added another, in 1433, a work by architect Giovanni Buono. The space in front was occupied by the Romanesque St. Donato's Church, of which today are only the arches of the bays, the facade of which was used as a support for a so-called "exhibition of hore", a public clock. Over the dial, in 1626, it was raised a very pediment decorated, performed and designed by Carlo Maderno, to celebrate the Barberini family and Pope Urban VIII, Bishop of Spoleto from 1608 to 1617. A new Fountain was built between 1746 and 1748 by the Roman architect Costantino Fiaschetti, who devised a spectacular travertine facade. Roman stonemasons sculpted the two side masks and the shelf within the central arch. Readjusted was the seventeenth-century pediment and side niches were two statues painted wooden carved by Francesco Appiani.

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