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Ponte delle Torri

Where Via Giro del Ponte, Spoleto (Perugia)

Aqueduct-Bridge of Roman origin, which joins the St. Elia Hill to Monteluco, south of Spoleto. It is one of the most famous and picturesque monument of the city. It rises out of nine powerful arches, for a length of 230 meters and a height of 80. Above the Bridge spanning a massive wall about 12 meters high, on top of which flowed the water coming down into city. At the east end of the bridge, at the small Mill Fortress, starts a footpath called "Giro dei Condotti", characterized by breathtaking views and a lush and varied vegetation. It is believed that, in its present, the Bridge has been completed at the end of the fourteenth century on the ruins of previous Roman structure. The construction details kept recall the late Middle Ages. Over time was the subject of restoration and renovations: some arches, demolished for strategic reasons in 1390, were rebuilt in stone in 1639, two others were rebuilt in brick in 1845. Over the centuries, the structure has always fascinated travelers and writers: the oldest memory of the bridge is in the poem "Dittamondo", by Fazio degli Uberti, composed between 1346 and 1367. It also inspired Goethe to a page of his "Journey to Italy".

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