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Giro dei Condotti

Where Via Giro dei Condotti., Spoleto (Perugia)

Also called "White Way", it is a mountain footpath that from Ponte delle Torri, near the city of Spoleto, along the steep slopes of Monteluco, at an altitude of 440 and, on level ground, reaches the former Monastery of Santa Maria inter Angelos. It is a charming and historic nature trail offering exceptional panoramic views over the valley. The trip level is about 1800 m long. Under the path of the aqueduct that runs the tunnel looks like bulkhead of the same path. The pipe crosses the Gola della Valcieca on the Sanguineto Bridge. The vegetation is varied and plentiful. Besides the natural beauty, the trail allows you to visit the ancient religious buildings, related to the hermitages on Monteluco. Numerous sports staged in the most extensive, also make it a pleasant fitness trail.

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