Luogo - Museum

Laboratorio di scienze della terra - Collezione Toni

Where Piazzale Ermini, Spoleto (Perugia)
Laboratory of the Science of the Earth - Toni Collection The Laboratorio di Scienze della Terra and the Collezione Toni have been hosted in the restored Complex of San Matteo—since1999—seat of the Archives of the State, which is located close to the wall of the town of Spoleto. In particular the Laboratory of the Science of the Earth enhances the value of the collection of Francesco Toni, the naturalist from Spoleto, who collected more than six thousand finds, manuals, geological maps and documents for didactic purposes between 1867 and 1892. Organized in different thematic sections, the collection exhibits rocks and fossils following the order of each Geological Era, ethnographic items of the Neozoic Era, minerals and marbles.
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