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Centro di documentazione B. Vincenzi - Museo delle Mummie di Borgo Cerreto

Where Cerreto di Spoleto (Perugia)
“Baronio Vincenzi” Documentation Center - Borgo Cerreto Mummy Museum The Centro Documentazione “Baronio Vincenzi” and Museo delle Mummie of Borgo Cerreto aims at becoming a Scientific and Cultural Pole to deepen the knowledge of the life and works of the surgeon and practitioner Baronio Vincenzi (†1659), active in Cerreto di Spoleto between the end of the 16th and beginning of the 17th century, and at the same time displays a large collection of anthropological items. Housed inside the 16th century former Church of SS Gesù e Maria, the Museum is arranged in three main sections: a multipurpose room on the ground level, two rooms in the crypt dedicated to the anthropological finds and a laboratory for study and research located on the lower level of the edifice. There are 23 mummies of men, women and children, with different degrees of preservation that go from complete mummification, in eight bodies, to partial mummification, in other seven, up to the total skeletonization in the remaining eight bodies. The analysis of the bodies found, together with the paleopathological investigation, has also allowed for the diagnosing of some diseases that hit the local population between the 18th - mid 19th centuries. Of extreme interest, for reconstructing the history of cranial surgery in Umbria during the Renaissance period, is the presence of a young-male-adult skull, of an individual about 20-25 years old, which shows evident signs of drilling and a long period of survival.
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