Nuovo Museo Archeologico

Largo Sant’Antonio, 1, Ugento, (Lecce)

It is the heart of Sistema Museale di Ugento, in the convent of S. Maria della Pietà dei Frati Minori Osservanti (1455), which holds an interesting pictorial cycle....


Castello dei Principi d’Amore

Via Castello, Ugento, (Lecce)

The first defensive structure dates back to the late imperial stage (III-IV century AD) and subsequently modified and finished by the Normans. In the XII century it...


Museo Diocesano

Via dei Cesari, Ugento, (Lecce)

The Diocesan Museum of Ugento-Santa Maria di Leuca, wanted by the Bishop of the Diocese Msgr. Vito De Grisantis, was opened in 2005 and housed in rooms below the...


Museo Civico Archeologico

Via della Zecca, 1, Ugento, (Lecce)

The Civic Archaeological Museum of Ugento was established in 1966 in order to accommodate many artefacts found in the city and its territory. Opened in 1968 under...


Collezione Archeologica Adolfo Colosso

Via Messapica, 14, Ugento, (Lecce)

It is one of the most important historical collection in Apulia. It is preserved in the stables of the namesake palace and has about 794 finds dated from the VII...

Historical building

Palazzo Rovito

Via Roma, 47, Ugento, (Lecce)

The aristocratic palace consists of buildings from different historical phases. The original nucleus of the seventeenth century is built on a wing of the palace of...

Religious building

Complesso Monumentale della Cripta del Crocifisso e della Chiesa della Madonna di Costantinopoli

Strada Provinciale 206, Ugento, (Lecce)

The rocky church of the XII century is located near the Messapian city walls, on the ancient Traiana Salentina road (II century AD). The decorations that cover the...