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Museo della comunità ebraica di Trieste Carlo e Vera Wagner

Where VIA DEL MONTE, 5/7, Trieste

The premises are now home to the Museum of the Jewish Community of Trieste Carlo and Vera Wagner were based Jewish Agency during the first decades of the 20th century and the building was somehow above the fulcrum of the flow of Jewish immigration from that northeast Europe flowed toward what would become the modern State of Israel. The Museum was created to protect Jewish past and to give a home to the definitive collection of Judaica owned by the Jewish Community of Trieste for centuries. The Museum of the Jewish Community also presents historical documents of great importance, a section dedicated to the memory of the deportees of Trieste during the Holocaust, the garden lapidary "Gal Avanim" that contains the last reminders of the old Jewish cemetery in Trieste, which was located on the same road a little more upstream.

Museo della comunità ebraica c
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