Luogo - Archaeological Area

Teatro Romano di Trieste

Where Via del Teatro Romano, Trieste

The Roman Theater was unearthed in the thirties of the last century, eliminating the medieval houses that had been built using his masonry. Restored and partially reconstructed, it shows the cavea (the steps for the audience) that rests on the slope of the hill of San Giusto, the orchestra at his feet and the scaena, the stage decorated by niches in which they were statues of members of the imperial family, or significant people of the urban community. Among them there was Quinto Petronio Modesto, procurator and flamene of Traiano, who at the beginning of the second century has contributed to the restoration of the theater, as stated by the cast of two twin inscriptions preserved in the archaeological area. The first stage of the theater dates back to the augustan age.

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