Luogo - Museum

Civico museo di storia ed arte e orto lapidario


The exhibition, dedicated to the archeology of the local area, presents findings ordered with thematic-chronological criterion in three sections: Museum, Lapidary Garden, Garden of the Captain. The Museum collects archaeological materials of local Prehistory and early history, next to the Egyptian collection and Coptic, the Greek vases, a room dedicated to the Roman civilization and the hall of Maya ceramics. The adjoining Orto Lapidary has four levels and exposes reliefs and inscriptions in Aquileia sacred, honorary and funerary artifacts Istrian Roman times, the small temple in classic style with the Cenotaph Winckelmann and Greek and Roman sculptures. The Garden of the Captain retains the towers and walls four-sixteenth of the city, the medieval and modern lapidary inscriptions, coats of arms, sculptures and architectural elements saved from demolition of the ancient buildings of Trieste.

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