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Civico museo della risiera di San Sabba - Monumento nazionale

Where VIA G. PALATUCCI, 5, Trieste

The Civic Museum of San Sabba is located in a building built in 1898 for husking rice, which was used after the autumn of 1943 by Nazi occupiers as a range of police detention (Polizeihaftlager), whether it's intended sorting deportees racial and politicians in Germany and Poland and to the depot for confiscated property, both the detention and removal of hostages, partisans and political prisoners Italian, Slovenian and Croatian. In 1944 came into operation also a crematorium. Declared a National Monument in 1965, the complex was renovated by architect Roman Boico and transformed into civic museum in 1975. They remained unchanged 17 cells and that of death. It's open a permanent historical exhibition and a library. The Hall of Crosses displays a selection of confiscated property to Jews of Trieste, donated by the Jewish Community; the Hall of the Museum presents objects and documents donated by former deportees ANED (National Association of Former Political Deportees in Nazi Camps).

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