Luogo - Museum

Civico museo del castello di S. Giusto


The Armory Museum is located in the Captain's House, in the Castle of San Giusto, Trieste's historic emblem. The Museum houses a rich collection of weapons, both auction that cutting and firearms, documenting the evolution of weapons, both Italian and European, from the twelfth to the nineteenth century: armor, swords, daggers, guns, etc. In the "Caprin Hall", on the first floor, it can admire the Venetian-style furnishings, paintings of XVI-XVIII centuries and a large painting that adorns the ceiling of Andrea Celesti, depicting "The Triumph of Venice". Of note, the ground floor, the Gothic chapel dedicated to St. George, with examples of wooden sculpture (XV-XVII centuries) and the first floor is a room devoted to the mosaics of the twentieth century, the Cathedral of San Giusto.

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