Luogo - Castle

Scuderie del Castello di Miramare

Where viale Miramare, fraz. Grignano, Trieste

The Stables of Miramare Castle, designed by engineer Carl Junker on behalf of Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Hapsburg, were built between 1856 and 1860. The building, located on the access road to the Castle from Trieste, is placed in a sheltered spot and healthy, and is far enough away from the residence. Consists of a main building and two symmetrical side wings, destined to horses and carriages. In the period between the wars, when the Miramare Castle is inhabited by the Dukes of Savoy-Aosta, the Stables undergo some changes that alter partially original appearance. Recently restored by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, are used for temporary exhibitions.

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