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Lapidario tergestino


Tergestino Lapidary is placed inside the Castle of San Giusto, in the sixteenth Bastion Lalio/Underground. Recently renovated, it exposes 130 Roman stone artifacts, including monuments registered in honorary or funerary sculpture in low relief and the round next to some architectural fragments, which lead the visitor to discover the ancient Tergeste. So, it can learn about the different places of the city relating to public activities and entertainment (the Forum, the Basilica, the Theater), the worship of the gods (the Temple of the Bona Dea and the Great Mother, the Sacred Area of Silvano) the private lives of its citizens more wealthy (the seaside Vlla of Barcola with its mosaics) and its many necropolis (burial grounds along the roads for Istria and Aquileia).

Ticket info:

In the presence of exhibitions whole (castle and shows) € 5.00; reduced € 3.50; walkways € 2.50

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