The Trento MUSE and the other museums in the city where people live better

The Municipality of Trento is where people tend to live better according to the last ranking  based on the quality of life. If you start from the Trento Science Museum MUSE which is among the most beautiful in Italy, you will discover what to see and what

Autumn in Trentino: DOC apples, wines, cheeses and Ciuìga

Every season has its own charm, but autumn in Trentino has something extra reserved! From the warm colors of nature to the various foods that contain exploding flavours, across the villages to the Alps and to the different valleys

The Dolomites, one of the top destinations for the summer of 2019

If you think that the mountains and the Dolomites are exclusively ski and winter destinations then you are wrong! Never before have the Dolomites been a top...

Taking a trip to Merano: the benefits of the Thermal Bath Spa

If what you're looking for when thinking about about your next vacation is relaxation and well-being for the body and soul, a trip to Merano is just what the doctor ordered!

Curon Venosta, storia di un paese sommerso