Luogo - Monument

Monumento a Dante Alighieri

Where Via Vittorio Alfieri, Trento

Sculptural group dedicated to Dante Alighieri is work by Cesare Zocchi. It was built as symbol of Italian language and Italianess of the city in 1896, when Trentino territory was still Austro-Hungarian Empire's territory. The base is made of granite of Predazzo, the statues are bronze with obvious allegorical implications: the lower level is represented hell, with Minos judge of damned; the second level Purgatory, with Dante and Virgil represented while meeting souls explants; the third level heaven, with Beatrice that is ideal and the angels who remember the melody of Blessed. On top of the monument Dante is portrayed as it advances, with his left hand holding Divine Comedy, while the right arm is stretched to the north, perhaps indicating Alps, geographical border of Italy.

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