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Cascata delle Marmore

Where Piazzale Byron, 81, Terni

Marmore Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in Europe, backed up by a vertical drop of 165 m, divided into three jumps. It's walking distance from Terni, in Umbria. In 271 BC, the Roman consul Manius Curio Dentato ordered the construction of a canal (the Cavo Curiano) to drain the stagnant water of the Velino river in the direction of natural Marmore leap: from there, the water fell directly into the Nera river, Tiber's tributary. On the origins of the waterfall there is a legend: a nymph named Nera fell in love with a handsome shepherd, Velino, but Juno, jealous of this love, the nymph transformed into a river, which took the name of Nera. Not to lose his beloved, Velino threw himself from the rock of Marmore. This jump, destined to repeat for eternity, is replicated now in Marmore Falls.

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