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Tavullia is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Pesaro e Urbino in the Italian region Marche, located about 70 kilometres (43 mi) northwest of Ancona and about 15 kilometres (9 mi) southwest of Pesaro. Until December 13, 1938 it was known as Tomba di Pesaro. Tavullia is the home town of the legendary nine-time world motorcycle champion Valentino Rossi. Geography Tavullia is 70 kilometres (43 mi) northwest of Ancona, 15 kilometres (9 mi) from Pesaro, 30 kilometres (19 mi) from Rimini and km from San Marino. The municipality of Tavullia contains the frazioni (subdivisions, mainly villages and hamlets) Babbucce, Belvedere Fogliense, Case Bernardi, Padiglione, and Rio Salso. Tavullia borders the following municipalities: Colbordolo, Gradara, Mondaino, Montecalvo in Foglia, Montegridolfo, Montelabbate, Pesaro, Saludecio, San Giovanni in Marignano, Sant'Angelo in Lizzola. History The first settlement of Tavullia was in all probability to the period before the Middle Ages: the confirmation of a castle situated on the slopes of Monte Peloso, the "Castrum Montis Pilos Tumbao". It was a place of violent clashes between the Malatesta family (family of Guelph who held dominion over the city of Rimini) and that of Montefeltro (Ghibellines firm supporter of the ideals) which vied with Tavullia violent struggle, the battle bloodier that was fought in 1443 took place in Monteluro, when the family Sforza intervened in favor of the Malatesta, and determine the victory. The territory was always littered with castles now unfortunately disappeared: it is the name of the castle Monteluro, the subject of numerous battles for its strategic importance and of which only a few ruins of the castle and Montepeloso Montelevecchie now Belvedere Fogliense, built by the Malatesta family for some older courtesans control the movement of illegal trafficking. Demographic evolution Immigration Demographic Statistics Gallery Notable People Graziano Rossi (1954), Motorcycle Racer and father of Valentino Rossi. Valentino Rossi (1979), Motorcycle Racer 9 times World Champion. References External links

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