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Museo di Ferramonti (Campo di Internamento)

Where Viale R. Pacifici, Tarsia (Cosenza)

The construction of the Internment Ferramonti Camp began in May 1940, in a strategic position. What became the largest Fascist Italian Camp, covering an area of ​​about 160.000 sq m., It consisted of 92 white buildings with a "U" structure, used as dormitories for prisoners, with kitchens and bathrooms. The first director was Paolo Salvatore. The Camp was surrounded by barbed wire and watchtowers with eight. The first inmates were taken to Ferramonti on June 20, 1940: they were Jews who were present for the purpose of study or work on the Italian territory; they were joined in Italians Jews and, since 1941, in Italian anti-fascist and foreign groups of Chinese and political refugees. With the arrival of the first families, they were organized a school, a kindergarten, and charitable. The "Museum of Ferramonti Memory" born in 2004, following a ten-year recovery operations spaces and careful documentary research, in order to preserve and practice the identity and historical memory of the Camp. The massive collection of the Museum consists of documents, photographs of inmates and police files, letters and personal belongings of the family, telling the story through a path that winds even in the ancient halls restored.


Immagine descrittiva - BY Salvatore Migliari (CC BY 3.0) c
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