Luogo - Archaeological Area

Teatro Greco

Where Via Teatro Greco, 59, Taormina (Messina)

Greek Theater is the most famous monument of Taormina and the second largest theater in Sicily after Syracuse. Built by Greeks in the third century AC, Theater was then modified and expanded by Romans, who transformed the scene and the orchestra in an arena where the fighting took place between gladiators and hunting shows (venationes). From the top of the large auditorium, the steps carved into the rock by following natural concavity of the hill, you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of Calabrian and Sicilian coast with Etna in the background. This wonder acoustics building hosts concerts and cultural events, the most important of which is "Taormina Arte", international festival of arts, known and appreciated for its full calendar of music, theater, dance and film.


Daily 9:00 am 7:00 pm. Ticket 10 €

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