Luogo - Religious building

Duomo di San Nicola di Bari

Where Piazza Chiesa Madre, 7, Castelmola (Messina)

The Cathedral of St. Nicholas of Bari was built in the '30s on the existing cathedral. The present appearance presents a mix of architectural styles: Romanesque, Gothic and Arab-Norman. The portal and the arch of the choir come from the original church, as well as the altar and pulpit in walnut inlaid. From the main entrance, a pointed arch, it can see the Belvedere over the Mount Etna and the Bay of Naxos. The bell tower, set back from the facade, has some beautiful mullioned windows and a plaque in greek-Byzantine style of the tenth century. The interior has a single nave, houses two eighteenth century statues depicting the Madonna and some paintings of value: "Madonna Enthroned with Child between St. Rocco and Michele" (XVI century), "Marriage of Mary and Joseph" (XVI century ) and "San Michele" (eighteenth century).

Rosone del Duomo di S. Nicola c
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