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Riserva Naturale della Sila I Giganti di Fallistro

Where Via dei Pini Giganti, Spezzano della Sila (Cosenza)

Natural Reserve "Giants of Sila", also known as Natural Reserve of Fallistro by the name of the location in which it is located, is a protected natural area established in 1987 in the province of Cosenza. This protected area is known as home to famous "Sila Giants" umbrella pine centenarians of majestic proportions, whose trunks form a perfect natural colonnade. These logs can rise up to 45 meters high and have a base diameter of about two meters, so as to be often compared in size to North American sequoias. The pines are present in number of 56. In addition to Black Pine trees are also wild apple trees, beech, chestnut, aspen and maple trees.


Reserve is open all year, except during harsh winters, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Reserve can be crossed only on foot, crossing a fixed course. A large car park entrance allows to reach comfortably by car and bus.



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