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Where Sirmione (Brescia)

The city is one of the most famous and frequented resorts in the province of Brescia. It rises along Garda Lake and houses archaeological site of the so-called "Grotte di Catullo". Gaio Valerio Catullo mentioned Sirmio among the places where he stayed (Carme XXXI, Return to Sirmione), so we tend to attribute to his property the remains of Roman villa occupying the site. Scaligero Castle was completed during the rule of Cangrande I and probably was built on the remains of Roman castrum. It is a watchtower of the only southern access point in historic center, surrounded by the waters of Garda Lake and protected by three towers and the main one of 47meter height. At the east of the castle, Fortified Dockyard for fleet retreat. 

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