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Silvana Mansio (Borgo tipico silano)

Where silvana mansio, Serra Pedace (Cosenza)

The village of Silvana Mansio, in the municipality of Serra Pedace (at 1,470 meters above sea level) is silano village par excellence, the only one that has managed to preserve in its entirety natural habitat, allowing the construction of only wooden huts , perfectly harmonized in the forest context. Built in the mid-30s by the wish of Alessandro Vanotti, an entrepreneur of Varese, the village is now one of the pearls of Sila National Park: halfway between Camigliatello and Lorica ski resorts can be reached thanks to Provincial Road to fast scrolling. To visit the little church, with its sloping roof, called Sant'Alessandro. Silvana Mansio was a place known in Roman times as a stop station along ancient Road of Armies (the stretch of road that united Gulf of Sibari, on Ionian Sea, Gulf of Sant'Eufemia, on Tyrrhenian Sea). To confirm this, the discovery in 1935 of Hellenistic tomb at a sarcophagus with an adult inmate. The place was celebrated by the film "Sila's Wolf", played in 1949 by Amedeo Nazzari and Silvana Mangano.

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