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Museo Vittorino Cazzetta

Where VIA IV NOVEMBRE 49, Selva di Cadore (Belluno)

The "Museum Vittorino Cazzetta" was recently reopened to the public after major renovation, with a new production that showcases the extraordinary findings about the geology, paleontology and Alpine archeology. The importance of scientific exhibits and the prestige of the new building make "Vittorino Cazzetta" a museum of European significance, examples of the reasons that led to the recent statement by UNESCO recognizing the "Dolomiti Heritage".

The Selva di Cadore Civic Museum was instituted in 1982 and its main exhibition was formed by Vittorino Cazzetta’s fossils collection. The international importance of the discoveries in geology and archaeology, operated by this self-taught scholar, contributed to the growth of the Museum that needed a radical restructuring. In 2010, in fact, the extended building opened with a new mounting. Vittorino Cazzetta died prematurely and in a tragic way in 1996, during a mountain expedition: the Museum is now dedicated to him. This is a Paleontological Museum, Archaeological and Historical whose main exhibits are made from a Mesolithic burial discovered in full funeral Mondeval de Sora and an enormous cast of the surface of a boulder fell from Mount Pelmetto with dinosaur footprints.

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