Luogo - Religious building

Basilica dei Santi Filippo e Giacomo

Where Corso Italia, 88, Cortina d'Ampezzo (Belluno)

Dedicated to the apostles Philip and James, patrons of Cortina d'Ampezzo, is the seat of homonymous parish. Built between 1769 and 1775 on the site where two previous churches of the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries had been built, it is composed of a single nave. The interior reflects typical eighteenth-century taste, elegant and rich, with a large presbytery lit by two rectangular windows. The decorations of the nave were realized between 1774 and 1775 by the painter Franz Anton Zeiller, while pictorial cycles of the ceiling are the work by Giuseppe Ghedina (1859). Worthy of note are also an altar by Andrea Brustolon and a canvas by the nineteenth-century painter Luigi Gillarduzzi. The remains attributed to San Liberale and San Teofilo are also preserved. Imposing Mauracher organ is from 1954, restored in 2002 by Andrea Zeni based on a project by Francesco Finotti. Very famous is the bell tower of Basilica, became a symbol of Cortina d'Ampezzo and erected by architect Silvestro Franceschi between 1852 and 1858, stands for 73 meters, in a sober and majestic style.

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