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Casa natale Tiziano Vecellio

Where VIA ARSENALE, Pieve di Cadore (Belluno)

In Pieve the family home where Titian was born. It was a solid Cadore structure of the Fifteen century – liked all the buildings of the period it represented a typical house of the higher middle class among whose members were persons of rank: notaries, timber merchants and public officials. The present house is the result of restructurings – commissioned by the Magnifica Comunità of the Cadore, owner of the building since 1926—at the hands of the engineer Giuseppe Palatini of Pieve di Cadore, and carried out in the years 1928-30, with the demolition of the anterior part, the result of an enlargement done during the half of the Sixteen hundreds by its proprietors which had hidden the original façade. As a result of that intervention the ancient doors and windows of the original structure, of smaller dimensions typical of the Fifteenth century, came to light. The actual structure is composed of two levels in stone, of irregular design, with covered porches, an exterior wooden stair and a two sided roof covered with wood tiles. On the ground floor an ample room with a particular wooden floor houses the reproductions of the collection of Titian’s drawings whose originals are in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, as well as other documents relating to the Painter. Once climbed the steep wooden stairs, one gains access to the upper floor, accessing the five interconnected spaces where Titian probably spent his youth and successively, after moving to Venice, each time he returned home to Pieve. In these archaic structures the spirit of the Artist still hovers: it is felt in the kitchen with a large open stove (fogher) covered by hood—the only heated room in the house, and in the adjacent utility room; it is sensed in the two bedrooms but, above all, in the warm closeness of the stua, with wood-panelled walls and rough timbered ceiling. The emotions felt while stepping on those rickety floor planks or while walking those worn-out kitchen stones that had witnessed the birth of the Genius of Renaissance painting are unforgettable. 

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