Luogo - Museum

Museo della pietra e degli scalpellini

Where VIA IV OTTOBRE, Longarone (Belluno)

The museum is organized in 5 sections each of them tied up a thematic specification.
1. The geological history: the first section is a detailed geological organization of all Belluno province which analyses the evolution of the tectonic order and the variety and removal of the various lithic typologies.
2. Presences of stone: the second section celebrates the rule and the importance of the stone along the centuries
3. The stone in the daily life: many objects underline the important union between the daily life and the stone
4. The stone and its quarrying, workmanship and transformation of the stone: the presence of reconstructions and finds lead the visitor to discover the different techniques
5. Castellavazzo, a village of stone, the stone of a village: a very nice exhibition presents the history of Castellavazzo which is strongly connected to the use of the stone; a complete and precious set of tools, photos, and testimonies celebrate many generations of stone-cutters who have been able to export their appreciated ability all over the world. 

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