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Scorzè, terra dell'Acqua e di Grandi Sapori. Scorzè is a big town and comune in the province of Venice, in the Italian region of Veneto, located about 15 kilometres (9 mi) southwest of Treviso and about 20 kilometres (12 mi) northwest of Venice. The country is bordered by Zero Branco, Trebaseleghe, Venezia, Noale and Salzano. The municipality of Scorzè contains many hamlets which are: Rio San Martino, Peseggia, Cappella, and Gardigiano . Geography As of 2010 Scorzè had an estimated population of 19,798. The streets SR515 and SR245 intersect in the town. History In the Middle Ages, the town was a centre for leather tanning, and the tanners (scorzeri) gave the town its name. It is first mentioned by Pope Eugene III in a Papal bull of 1152. In 1338 it was annexed by Venice, and in 1815 it became part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Economy The economy of Scorzè is mainly based on a local mineral water industry, Acqua Minerale San Benedetto, and cultivation of radicchio di Treviso . Sources (Google Maps) References

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