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Noale is a town in the province of Venezia, Veneto, Italy. The town is home to the cult Hard rock/Heavy Metal band Catarrhal Noise, and to the motorcycle company Aprilia. The most important event of the town in the Palio (a medieval festival). Palio The Noale Palio is the historical re-enactment of the Medieval contest which used to take place in the town under the seigniory of the Tempesta family. Historical documents show that the Palio was first celebrates in 1339, in occasion of the Whit Sunday festivity. It was originally intended to commemorate Noale’s annexation to Treviso’s possessions. The Palio still takes place annually in the month of June, over the Whit Sunday period, and sees the participation of different teams, coming form the surrounding areas as well. More specifically, the main contest involve the following seven districts: Bastia, Cerva, Drago, Gato, S. Giorgio, S.Giovanni and S.Urbano. In accordance with the historical tradition, the winner of the contest is awarded with a drape designed by local artists. Sister cities Dilijan, Armenia (since July 2011) References

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