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Where Salzano (Venezia)
Salzano is a town and comune in the province of Venice, located 15 kilometres (9 mi) from Venice (Veneto, Italy). As of 2007, Salzano had an estimated population of 11,953. History The area of Salzano was already inhabited in the Roman era, but it the first documents attesting its existence dates back to the Middle Ages (1283). Main sights The City Hall is in the old Villa Jacur, once owned by a Jewish family who ran a spinnery. The villa stands close to the remains of the spinnery and its high chimney. It hosts a garden with two artificial lakes and a tiny grotto. The bell tower of the church is the highest of Veneto region after San Marco Campanile in Venice and the one of Trebaseleghe. Pope Pius X was Archpriest of the town from 1867 till 1875. The bell tower hosted a tiny museum dedicated to him. External links Pictures of Salzano History of Salzano (in Italian) Sources
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