Pinacoteca Mus'a al Canopoleno

Via Santa Caterina, 4, Sassari
The museum opened to the public in 2008 in the former Jesuit Collegeof the Canopoleno, an historical building in the centre of Sassari built by thearchbishop of Oristano Antonio Canopolo between the end of the 16th and thebeginning of the 17th century. Acquired by the State in the first half of the19th century, the building was restored in the 90s of the 20th century to holdthe valuable state artistic patrimony received through donations and bequests.The Pinacoteca shows the art collections Sanna and Tomè (this last previouslykept in the storehouses of the National Archaeological Museum G.A. Sanna) and alarge number of works, including ten contemporary paintings acquired with thePanicali Battaglia donation. The patrimony of the museum is mafe up of morethan 490 paintings, sculptures and artefacts dating from a period between theMedieval age and the mid- twentieth century, related to different schools andlocal, Italian and European artists from the end of the 14th century. Worth mentioning are the triptych by Mariotto di Nardo from Florence(documented between 1394 and 1424), the works by the so- called Maestro diOzieri (half of the 16th century) and the Maddalena by Andrea Vaccarofrom Naples (1604-1670). The most significant sectionsare dedicated to nineteenth/early twentieth- century Sardinian artists (Giovanni Marghinotti, the largest collection inSardinia, Antonio Ballero, Filippo Figari, Giuseppe Biasi, Carmelo Floris,Pietro Antonio Manca, Mario Delitala, Stanis Dessy, Eugenio Tavolara), and agraphic section with valuable works by Giuseppe Biasi and Stanis Dessy.Now the museum is being restored, so only a selection ofseventeenth/eighteenth- century works, divided by chronology and theme, areexhibited. Nevertheless the most important paintings are visible on the museumweb site.

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