Historical building

Torre Normanna

Via Nelson Iacovini, San Marco Argentano, (Cosenza)

A monument inextricably linked to Guiscardian ambition. It is here, upon disobeying his brother in law, Drogo, and abandoning his initial settlement of Scribla, the young Robert laid the foundations of his ambitious military and political project. It was erected on the ruins of a previous fortification dating back to Roman times, strategically located along major roadways of the time linking the Crati valley and the Sibari plane. The fortress became an uncontested emblem of his power, of his determination to conquer the entire southern peninsular and Sicily. Over the years the tower was changed and renewed on several occasions, according to its use. Frederick II, a descendant of the great Norman, used it as a prison, indeed his rebellious son Henry VII was imprisoned and died here. As with all castles, this magnificent Medieval building is shrouded in stories and legends, including the presence of an underground tunnel which connects the tower to the Abbey of S. Maria de La Matina, as requested by Guiscard himself, as an escape and supply route in case of siege. Today the building belongs to the Municipality and is currently used as a venue for cultural and artistic events.




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