Luogo - Religious building

Abbazia di Santa Maria del Patire (o Patirion)

Where Località Patire, Rossano (Cosenza)

The Abbey of St. Mary of Suffering (or Patirion) was founded around 1095 by the monk Bartholomew of Simeri. In Norman times it became one of the richest and most famous monasteries in southern Italy: possessed a rich library and a scriptorium where they worked for the scribe monks transcribing ancient manuscripts. Since the fifteenth century, the Abbey experienced a long but inexorable decline, until in 1809, was suppressed by the French. The Church has a Latin-Norman basilica plant with three apses facing east. The nave, characterized by wooden roof trusses, is divided by the two sides through four tiers of pointed arches resting on columns with Ionic bases, without capitals. The sanctuary is bounded by four pillars with their decorative columns with Corinthian capitals, probably coming from the ruins of Thurio. The ancient mosaic floor, partially saved, dates from the twelfth century and represents figures of real and mythological animals. It preserves a wooden crucifix of '600 and the image of Our Lady of Suffering, of the nineteenth century. Outside, the large arches remaining introduce the cloister and the ruins of the monastery. The facade has been much altered: the old three-door more, today remains only the central, framed by ancient columns. The rose window is modern, while it looks much older than walled at the peak apex. The two side doors are decorated in typical arabesque.

* Mario Candido, Santa Maria del Patire e la Cattolica di Stilo con esempi di chiese bizantine e basiliane in Val di Crati, 2013

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