Archaeological Area

Parco Archeologico delle Tombe di Via Latina

Via Appia Nuova, 707, Roma

The Archaeological Park of the Tombs of Via Latina is an archaeological site and public park in Rome which houses an important funerary complex of the second century AD, crossed the ancient Via Latina. The Park, which still retains the traditional look of the Roman countryside of the nineteenth century, underwent excavations between 1857 and 1858, by Lorenzo Fortunati. The site houses a section of the paving of the ancient Via Latina, which connected Rome with Casilinum, and several funerary monuments ranging from the Republican to the High Middle Ages: a series of mausoleums, mostly underground, and other burial chambers, some of which were rebuilt after the discovery, in addition to the remains of an early Christian Basilica dedicated to St. Stephen the Martyr.


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