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Archaeological Area

Necropoli di Villa Doria Pamphilj

Via Aurelia Antica, 111, Roma

They keep some remains of the walls of tombs from the end of the Republican era to the mid-second century. A.D. with particular reference to the construction type called "columbarium" on the use of incineration. <br> In particular, there are the remains of a boundary wall of a monument in the square piece of tuff and tuff with representation of a false door, the so-called Great Columbarium (from which the paintings in the Museo Nazionale Romano) and the Little Columbarium, both found in the years 1820-1830 by excavations carried out by the Doria Pamphili family. A few meters away from these was discovered in 1984 another columbarium with abundant pictorial remains of good quality related to the Augustan age. <br> Area, as it guards the sixteenth century building dell'Algardi, is currently in use at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers as a representative office.

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