Luogo - Park

Parco Letterario Salvatore Quasimodo

Where Via F. A. Di Bella, Roccalumera (Messina)

Salvatore Quasimodo Literary Park is located in Roccalumera (birthplace of Quasimodo family). It was founded by brothers Charles and Sergio Mastroeni, with whom he collaborates Alessandro Quasimodo, actor and director, son of the poet. Park is located in disused railway station in memory of the profession of railway worker father and paternal grandfather of Salvatore Quasimodo. Inside garden-museum they are parked five freight rail cars turned into museum train with a photo gallery of Quasimodo family; the cars are similar to the ones where the family lived for months after the earthquake of December 28, 1908 in Messina, as poet recalls in the poem "The father"; the garden contains plants described in the poems of Quasimodo. The ticket you will find many relics, including original studio of Milan, University of Messina degree, certificates of birth and work of poet is that his first wife Bice Donetti; also houses private correspondence with foreign personalities, and you can watch films fromf Rai archives and foreign television stations, such as the ceremony of Nobel Prize. It is part of Park also Saracen Tower of Roccalumera, mentioned in the poem "Near a Saracen tower", for his dead brother. Tower was restored in 2001; It preserves a painting of 1600 found in Stockholm Museum, which is the tower itself in its old look and famous gouaches personally designed by Quasimodo, who remembered his childhood in Roccalumera.

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