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Museo della Piccola Pesca e delle Conchiglie

Where Via Minguzzi, 7 - loc. Viserbella, Rimini

It was created by the Association "E Scaion" (whose name comes from the gear for fishing clams) in collaboration with the Distrect of Rimini, as a natural development of a complex process of research and conservation, which lasted several years and still in course, focused on the recovery of the traditional Viserbesi flat-bottomed boats used for coastal fishing (batane), a time normally moored in the sea, and now inexorably destined to destruction, and typical equipment of the sailors who were working with them. The Museum displays fishing gear and tools appropriately restored: networks and rowing, all original models used in Italian waters, tools of the carpenter, navigation instruments and memorabilia. To these are added the precious collection of Andrea Capici, that in over twenty years of research, has composed a collection of 8.000 samples of shells from the Mediterranean Sea. The visitor has the opportunity to make a real journey into the world of ancient seafaring doing the knowledge, from the first room, the typical objects used by sailors and craftsmen in their daily activities such as, for example, the tools by shipwright and calafà, the menacul, tool to fish clams hand near shore, the marotta, pretend boat where the eels were held to fatten and sell them in the holiday season, the screw rabbio to fish from the shore always flounders and other bottom fish. Currently, the Museum has about six hundred tools and fishing nets from the shore of the era, including nets and gillnets (pots, fyke nets). In the first and second room holds numerous scale models of traditional boats, about 400 photographs and numerous movies, from 1912 to the sixties, documenting moments of maritime life of Rimini. In the outdoor section it can see some examples of batane, that the Association has taken steps to recover and restore, as well as various anchors, rudders, and two flies rowing work.

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