Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa del Rosario

Where Via Cristoforo Santanna Pittor, 12, Rende (Cosenza)

It was erected in 1679 by brothers Raffaele and Giuseppe De Bartolo in Baroque and Rococo style. It presents a tripartite facade of tufa stone from Mendicino. The portal, with low arch bow and plant decorations, is dominated by a large window richly decorated. The four sides of the facade are delimited by shell-niches completed by capitals. The interior, a single nave, has walls decorated with Corinthian columns within which the altars are placed: one on the right displays a Madonna and Child, with the seventeenth century damask dress; central altar is made by inlaid marble and wood, with oil portraits of Mysteries of Rosary. Instead of stolen eighteenth-century painting by De Mura, depicting Madonna of Rosary, there is a contemporary work by Diego Minuto. They are kept inside even five paintings by unknown southern artists. Also worthy of note splendid crib, such donations, with Neapolitan statues of eighteenth and nineteenth. Church also hosts a valuable eighteenth-century organ.

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