Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa di Costantinopoli

Where Via XX Settembre, 8, Rende (Cosenza)

Church of Constantinople was built around 1600, although its present appearance dates back to 1719. The facade is "hut" with a polychromatic window depicting Virgin and Child of Constantinople. On the right side there is the sacristy, surmounted by bell tawer. The interior has a Latin cross and is rich in decorations: the main altar is in polychrome marble; the dome has a tempera fresco by Achille Capizzano depicting "Madonna of Constantinople in Gloria". A chapel containing the statue of Virgin and an icon in oil on copper, called "Macchietta". Very valuable are the paintings on canvas and wood in the choir, works by Cristoforo Santanna ("Allegory of Our Lady of Constantinople", 1777). In 1978 Church was elevated to Shrine, then fitted with a museum to exhibit silver objects dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and vestments.

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