Luogo - Point of interest

Centro Storico

Where Piazza degli Eroi, 7, Rende (Cosenza)

Historic center of Rende is spread over a hill. The birth of the town is linked to the legend recorded by Dionysius of Halicarnassus, according to which Oenotrus, king of Arcadia's son, landed in the place now called "Guardiula" around the seventh century BC founding the first settlement, Acheruntia, then called Arintha in memory of her sister. Historical center keeps unchanged its pretty Medieval town planning, preserving the memory of ancient place names in the alternate names of streets and squares, as central Heroes' Square, better known as "u sieggiu", the conformation of the street that opened toward "Porta di Cosenza", connecting Rende with the city, or in the setup of old quarter of Giudecca, still recognizable for particularly narrow and arches access. Numerous churches and palaces, which preserve intact many carved portals and wrought iron balconies.

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