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Castello Normanno - Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Bilotti

Where Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 9, Rende (Cosenza)

Norman Castle, or "Stone Giant," was built in 1095 on the orders of Bohemond of Hauteville. Particular morphology of the hill ensured natural defense, so the building was equipped with only slits for bows and crossbows, an enormous cistern for rainwater harvesting and a thick walls more than two meters. The only defensive structures, in addition to central tower, are two lateral towers which together represent the coat of arms of the City as early as 1222. Even today in the atrium of Castle you can admire two successive crests of noble families: Magdalone and the Alarçon de Mendoza. Castle, owned by Town since 1922, was Town Hall until 2011 and is currently home to Bilotti Contemporary Art Museum. Museum, born by private donations of Roberto Bilotti Ruggi of Aragon, displays a significant variety of contemporary art: painting, sculpture, photography, installations and video art. Permanent exhibition includes works by Andy Warhol, Claudio Abate, Ceroli Mario, Luigi Alders, Bruno Ceccobelli, etc., But also works by younger artists like Chiara Dynys, Omar Galliani, Guentalina Salini, Maurizio Savini and Pietro Ruffo - which It has exposed the great German tank of the Second World War, made in wood and covered by pages of a book of Jewish prayers carved in the form of beetles. Next to's permanent collection are regular temporary exhibitions, among which is "Artist Boxes" initiative, in view of a Museum that is also a cultural laboratory, meeting place for events, conferences, seminars and workshops.


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