Luogo - Museum

Palazzo Bucarelli - Museo Bilotti Sezione Ceramiche di Calabria

Where Via Timpa, 11, Rende (Cosenza)

Current building is result of merging of various buildings by Antonio de Micheli, Neapolitan family in Cosenza in the late fourteenth century. After the earthquake of 1905 the palace was given to Bucarelli family and later acquired by City. From 2014 the building houses  Museum of Ceramics of Calabria, a branch of Bilotti Museum, precisely formed by donations of Roberto Bilotti Ruggi of Aragon. Cd ceramic specimens allow to retrace the history of Calabria and its dominations, covering a time span ranging from Neolithic origins to the present, through the magno-Greek production, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque.

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