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Museo tesoro del tempio della Beata Vergine della Ghiara

Where Corso Garibaldi, 44, Reggio nell'Emilia (Reggio Emilia)

The Museum, established in 1982 in the rooms adjacent to the cloister, gives exposure to the objects most representative of the heritage of the sanctuary offered by the Este Gonzaga, the Medici, the Montefeltro, and by corporations and local fraternities. Among the memorabilia relating to the history of the church, in addition to drawing of Orsi and sinopia fresco of the "Madonna della Ghiara", painted by Bertone, appear reliquaries, monstrance, votive medals and important examples of jewelery including the cross and six candlesticks, intended to furnish feast days the altar of the Madonna, executed by the Romans Gianfrancesco Frangi and Marco Marchi, commissioned by the Duke Francesco I d'Este (1634); the crown in silver, pearls and precious stones made in 1674 by the Reggiano goldsmith Michele Augusta, Italian jewelry manufacturing from sixteenth century. The "House of Vestments" contains liturgical hangings from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. Among the votive of the Treasure Room, is preserved painting by Luca Ferrari depicting "Salvation of Laura da Correggio".

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