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Museo archivio del teatro di Reggio nell'Emilia

Where Piazza Martiri VII Luglio, Reggio nell'Emilia (Reggio Emilia)

The Museum represents a path that winds in the spaces accessible to the public during the shows, and in the other half of the theater, the stage and under the stage, where there are the trucks portaquinte for the movement of the scenes and the technical equipment for the production sound effects, of which the "Valli" is particularly rich. There are numerous tools, including winches, drums, two orders of dunnage and streets hanging for crossing the stage, covered from the attic in the original timber from Austria. In the hall are exposed models of ancient  Reggiani theaters, results of modern reconstructions; in the library are preserved some scenograpihies. At the Theatre is organized, since the early seventies, a File-Library designed as a multimedia documentation center specializing in music and entertainment. The center includes an archive on Reggiani theaters, a great library with seven thousand volumes, more than two thousand books, sheet music and subscriptions to periodicals, and a compact disco with five hundred works, many of which are rarely heard or contemporaneous. Since 1983, it has consulted the disco-tape library "Arrigo and Egle Agosti", one of the largest collections of historical recordings of Italian opera.

Reggio Emilia, Museo Archivio del Teatro c
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