Luogo - Architecture

Chiesa "Nel nome di Dio"

Where VIA PETRUCCI, 21, Pesaro (Pesaro e Urbino)

It is the only religious building remained in Pesaro that represents the perfect synthesis between architecture and scenography. Is built in 1577, by the "Society of the Name of God", one of the richest among the lay confraternities which provided the funeral of the poor and executed; it justifies the widespread presence of symbols of death in the decoration of the church. The interior maintains the magnificent original layout, while the exterior was restored in 1912. The collaboration between the three perfectly successful artists takes shape the 'story' sacred place decorative in the church: the ceiling in the itinerary of salvation Hell to the Resurrection through the Triumph of the Name of God, the walls episodes from the Old and New Testament still marked by the power of the Name of God. Even the evocative sacristy seventeenth century is totally intact.

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