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Le Collezioni d’arte di Palazzo Montani Antaldi

Where VIA PASSERI, 72, Pesaro (Pesaro e Urbino)

The Fondation Cassa di Risparmio of Pesaro inaugurated in 2005 the new production of their art collections, preserved in the prestigious Palazzo Montani Antaldi, designed by architect Thomas Bicciaglia in Neoclasssico style. His team, in particular Carlo Paolucci and the nephew, Placido Lazzarini, should the frescoes of the main floor, executed between 1777 and 1781, with the themes of the Aeneid. The collection offers a wide and selected panorama of artistic development of the territory, with 170 paintings, 156 ceramics, 77 drawings, 120 prints and 307 pieces of cartography of the Duchy. Special attention is paid to the production of ceramics, featuring Pesaro, from the Middle Ages to the present. It highlights the core Three-fifteenth-century, one of a kind. The organization of the material was divided into two sections, one dedicated to painting and ceramics from Four nineteenth century, mainly from Marche, placed in the frescoed rooms of the palace; and that of the twentieth-century works, always including painting and ceramics, set up in the adjacent modern area. Here, the Foundation collects a dense sampling of local artists, of whom wants to be memory and preservation. An autonomous space is reserved for graphic collections, with more than 300 precious maps of the ancient Duchy of Urbino, handwritten and printed, loose in most cases but also present in volumes.

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