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Museo archeologico Oliveriano

Where via Mazza, 97, Pesaro (Pesaro e Urbino)

In 1756 the scholar of Pesaro, Annibale Abbati Olivieri (1708-1789), gives to the community - in addition to its outstanding library - a valuable collection of ancient objects composed mainly of excavated material. The Museum was founded in 1787, when the Olivieri leaves again, along with 20.000 volumes, a second important collection of archaeological and numismatic material, given to him in part by his Giambattista Passeri. Museum and Library are managed since 1793 by the Foundation Oliveriana. The Museum is open to the public, along with the library, May 2, 1793 on the ground floor of the building Olivieri-Machirelli (c. XVIII). Between 1885 and 1892 the Museum and Library are transferred to the present location, in Via Mazza inside the Almerici Palace, eighteenth century building.

Museo archeologico Oliverano c
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