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Chiesa di San Costanzo

Where Via San Costanzo, Perugia

The first tomb of St. Costanzo, first bishop of Perugia according to tradition dates back 178, a year later in the same place, it was built a small church. There aren't other histories before 1781, when, during some works, were found the remains of the Ssaint. The sarcophagus was initially place in the St. Peter's Bbasilica, but in 1825 it was placed in the altar of this Church. The latest and most impressive works of enlargement date back to 1889 , which was responsible for the present appearance: the main building was rebuilt in full, while the apse and the east wall are survivors of Medieval temple, along with sculptures of the portal. The work of rebuilding was entrusted to Guglielmo Calderini from Perugia, who built the new Church in the Romanesque style, using for the outer pink limestone from Assisi, typical of most of the churches in Umbria. The structure has a single nave ending with an apse on the east side. Outside, along the north side, it is lined by a portico topped by a bell tower in Romanesque style with Gothic references. The roof is pitched, supported inside by wooden trusses. On the facçade there is a marble portal in which bezel is inserted a half body holy blessing. Above, a canopy with allegorical reliefs representing the four evangelists. The interior is painted by fresco.


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