Luogo - Museum

Museo del gioco e del giocattolo

Where Via Montefalco, 17, Perugia
Toys & Games Museum The Museo del Gioco e del Giocattolo of Perugia—Loc. Ramazzano—features, through the exhibition of toys, the evolution of the infants’ condition in the arch of time that goes from the 19th to the 20th century, and the connected themes of the school, society, family and work. The Museum collection features three thousand pieces, including toys and games, books, posters, comics and stationery and a thousand are exhibited permanently. The display arrangement follows the themes: “What will I do in my adult life?”, “Lets pretend that…”, “The Town and I” and “Images in motion: from the Magic Lantern to Television”. Among the items collected is the first edition, initially published as a serial, of “The Adventures of Pinocchio”, a collection of the 18th-19th century rare optical toys, still functioning phonograph cylinders, compressed air driven racing cars and a collection of more than a hundred glass slides endowed with the movement of an 1870 Magic Lantern.

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