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Ipogeo dei Volumni e Necropoli del Palazzone

Where Via Assisana - Ponte San Giovanni, 53, Perugia
Palazzone Necropolis and Volumni Hypogeum The Necropoli del Palazzone is located today in a well-equipped archaeological area, with visit pathways and an Antiquarium that hosts some finds and thematic displays of the Etruscans’ daily life. The cemetery, located 7 kilometers to the southwest of Perugia—in the modern suburb of Ponte San Giovanni—was connected with a settlement supervising a portion of the Tiber Valley below. It consists of about 200 chamber-like tombs excavated in the natural soil. Inside the necropolis, the Volumni Hypogeum, distinguished for the complexity of its internal arrangement and decorative commitment, belonged to the “Volumni”, i.e. the rich Velimna family. The sepulcher—one of the most significant examples of the funerary architecture of the Hellenistic Age—reproducing the Roman Domus’ canonic disposition of rooms, housed, inside the main body called “tablinum”, seven cinerary depositions, all kept inside urns, whose lids reproduce the portrait-like-features of the deceased. The necropolis dates mostly to the Hellenistic Age—between the 3rd and 1st century B.C.—while a small number, a nucleus of five—in two different areas—dates from the second half of the 6th beginning of the 5th century B.C., i.e. the Archaic Age.

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